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KakaSasu One-shot

Title: Out on the Town
Author: Ren Apple
Pairing: KakaSasu
Warning: Yaoi.
Rating: R
Word Length: 1490 words, exactly

Summary: Sasuke and Kakashi go out, and find out just how much fun they can have outside of the apartment.

A/N: Well, this was written between classes and the little time I had forced myself to break between studying and catching up on make-up work. I hope you enjoy it; I actually had a lot of fun writing it. I think I write one-shots better than chapter fics, but I just love my chapter fics. *pouts* Maybe I should start writing the stories like one-shots that just happen to follow right after one another. Hmm…

Sasuke walked into the restaurant with a confused look upon his face. The place was rather crowded, but he spotted Kakashi easily. The tables were low to the floor and Kakashi’s white gravity defying hair stood out starkly. Why had he agreed to come again? He was about to turn around when…

Kakashi smiled underneath his mask and waved him over. Sasuke could not turn around and leave any longer, without being caught so he skulked towards the table, a frown on his face.

“There you are, Sasuke-kun.” he said, gesturing to the seat across from him. “I thought you would not have shown. I know how much you dislike going out to places like these.”

Sasuke gave the customers a scathing glare, causing most of the occupants of the room to turn back to their food when caught staring. He slid into the seat gracefully, giving Kakashi an evil look. Kakashi smiled his visible eye scrunching up. “I took the liberty of ordering for both of us.” He said, raising a small cup of sake to his lips.

A girl in a bright colored kimono fearfully came to the table, carrying a heavy tray full with a bottle of sake, two bowls of ramen, and a large plate of gyoza. She placed it gently infront of them before disappearing from view as quickly as she had appeared.

“That was odd.” Kakashi said, picking up a small cup and pouring some sake for Sasuke. “I hope she is okay.”

Sasuke stared wonderingly at Kakashi, while his hand unconsciously took the proffered cup, sipping slowly. He couldn’t quite comprehend what his lover was imagining. She was scared of him, just like everyone else.

“Service has severely dropped these days. Don’t you think Sasuke?”

He figured that anything he replied to that would be easily ignored, so he threw a half-hearted glare for good measure. “Why are we eating here?” Sasuke asked. “I mean couldn’t you have just cooked something at your place?”

Kakashi shrugged noncommittally. “I was in the mood to go out. I always cook, and you did not have to come.”

Sasuke sighed, taking the jab for what it was; he possessed no cooking skill whatsoever. Also, he would not have to pay, so he was not going to complain. He looked over the tray carefully; there were his favorite noodles, probably handmade. And this restaurant was kind of expensive, he thought.

He peered thoughtfully at his dinner companion. “You ordered my favorite.” Sasuke said, more of a statement than a question.

Kakashi smiled beneath his mask. “I suppose. After eating it so much at home, when we go out it seems to remain the only thing appetizing. You’re lucky I don’t tell Naruto about your ramen fetish.”

A flush swept over Sasuke’s cheeks. “Fetish?”

Kakashi chuckled. He loved making his boyfriend blush. “Aa.”

Sasuke began to argue. “It is not a feti-.”

Just then, a new waitress interrupted their conversation. She fluttered her eyelashes at Kakashi, before asking lustfully, “Is there anything else, I can help you with Hatake-san?”

He shook his head gratefully. “No, thank you.”

Sasuke glared at her hatefully. He eyed his chopsticks, thinking of different ways to insert them into her body with the largest amount of pain.

She must have sensed his killing intent, because she rudely left the table jostling the full cups, spilling sake onto the table.

“So messy,” Sasuke murmured. “Service really is slipping.”

Kakashi eyed his dinner partner oddly. “There is nothing wrong with being messy, Sasuke,” he winked. “I quite enjoy your messes.”

The blush that had finally left Sasuke’s cheeks returned full force as he felt Kakashi’s left foot working its way up his leg. How had he fit his foot underneath the table? Sasuke felt himself growing hard. He gasped part in shock, part in pleasure.

“Kakashi, not in public,” he whispered, his legs falling open in contrary.

Kakashi eyed his bulging shorts appreciatively, pressing his foot in further. “Don’t you enjoy your messes?”

Sasuke hissed under his breath. “Yes…”

“If you make a mess, you can just lick it up,” Kakashi said, he is voice took on a hungry tone. “Or, I can do it for you.”

Sasuke choked out a small moan, his mind going blank. “Kashi…”

A few of the customers at the surrounding tables looked at them disgustedly, but Kakashi and Sasuke were too far gone to notice.

Sasuke felt the arch Kakashi’s foot running over his erection, and it became painfully hard. He wasn’t sure he could hold back the moans threatening to overwhelm him without coming inside of his shorts.

“Are you okay, Sasuke?” Kakashi asked sweetly.

Sasuke groaned, and Kakashi smiled. “Sasuke?”

He shook his head, trying to regain some equilibrium. He wanted Kakashi to take him hard and brutal right here in this restaurant. “Kashi, please…” Sasuke gasped.

Kakashi shrugged, and slowly removed his foot, which had been continuously teasing Sasuke underneath the table. “Well, if you want me to, just ask.” He said, winking at his ex-student.

Kakashi watched happily enjoying the effects he was evoking. He also, ignored the glare being sent his way, by picking up his chopsticks. Sasuke watched as he gracefully wielded, and skillfully picked up a roll of noodles without dropping the nori that had decorated the plate. He then dipped the concoction in soya based dipping sauce that had been set to the side of plate.

Sasuke, watched the pale elegant fingers, with interest. “Is that gyoza?” He picked up his chopsticks scooping a dumpling to try for himself.

Kakashi tried to swat the offending chopsticks, but it was too slow. His hand had been otherwise occupied with his chopsticks. He watched as Sasuke bit into the firm dough, filling dropping onto his chin.

“Mm… It is gyoza.” Sasuke moaned.

Kakashi was enraptured with the sounds his lover was making, the noodles that he had expertly wrapped around his chopsticks falling back into the bowl.

“Thank you.” Sasuke murmured, picking up another dumpling.

Kakashi sat back, smiling, as he watched Sasuke proceed to devour the rest of the gyoza. “Sometimes you are just so cute.” He said, as his lover took another large bite into his mouth.

He laughed slightly, when Sasuke looked up cheeks bulging with dumpling to glare at him.

Sasuke swallowed, and took a large drink of his sake. Before he responded, “I am not cute.”

Kakashi nodded obligingly, enjoying the time he spent with a carefree Sasuke.

Finally, when there was only one piece left on the plate, Sasuke eyed it greedily and then looked helplessly at Kakashi. “Do you… Can I?”

He waved his hand in an inviting manner. “Go ahead, I got it for you.”

Sasuke gave him an inscrutable look, before slowly biting into the last dumpling and chewing softly. He took a small sip of his sake. “Thank you, Kakashi.”

He leaned over the table and gave Kakashi a soft kiss on the lips, before quickly reseating himself on the other side of the table. Sasuke looked away from that knowing eye, blushing hotly.

Kakashi signaled for the first waitress of the evening, and she fearfully approached clearing away the empty dishes before vanishing again. “Such a waspish little thing don’t you think?”

Sasuke nodded. “Aa.”

They left the check on the empty table, disappearing from the expensive restaurant.

Outside, there was a cool spring breeze, Kakashi wrapped his arm around Sasuke as he was wearing summer clothing, and Sasuke burrowed his head beneath Kakashi’s shoulder bathing in his lover’s warmth. One reason was to keep warm and cuddle up to Kakashi and the other to cover the blush fighting to overwhelm his face.

They walked down the street to Kakashi’s apartment, said person leaned down and whispering dirty innuendos in Sasuke’s ear as the arrived at the building.

The flush he had been fighting won, and took over his face completely. He slapped his lover over the head with his Icha Icha Paradise book. “Stop! Or I will burn the whole entire series, removing it entirely from your apartment.”

Kakashi’s laugh came out strangled. He needed a way to distract his lover, Kakashi gripped the back of Sasuke’s head, pulling his lips against his own as he delved in between those lips, fucking his mouth with his tongue, sucking and biting.

When he pulled back, Sasuke’s hands were clutching weakly at his shoulders, and he was leaning on Kakashi trembling. He had certainly forgotten about whatever he was yelling about, Kakashi thought. He knew he would have never gotten away with half of the stuff he had pulled tonight, if Sasuke hadn’t been slightly drunk on sake. “Had fun?”

Sasuke nodded tiredly. “Let’s go out more often.”

Kakashi smiled widely beneath his mask, anyone who would have seen that smile would have run for cover. “I am going to hold you to that.” He said, dragging his sluggish boyfriend into the apartment.
Tags: fic, kakasasu, one-shot
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