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Third Installment to the Found Wanting Series.

Title: Promises Kept
Author: Ren Apple
Pairing: KakaSasu
Warning(s): Shota. Yaoi. Sadness.
Rating: R
Word Length: 522 words
Theme: Spring

Summary: It doesn’t matter, because he will always come back.

A/N: This is the last one. Still fixed up a bit. I hope you liked them all. I think they are better this go round.

[Found Wanting]
[Wish You Were Here]

The spring air filtered through the house, bringing new life into the old walls. Silence surrounded him and penetrated his every step. A picture of team seven sat desolately on top of his dresser, giving a momentary glow to better days.

Kakashi still received missions and returned home quickly, but the routine and the voices beyond his home did not come back with him. He stood at the door stripped and searching, but only can take in the emptiness within.

When he is asleep, he dreams. A fire burns within his veins. He is neither young, nor stupid, and is aware Sasuke is a figment of his imagination, but still he begs. “Stay, Sasuke.”

Obisidian frown in response, searching his own. “I can’t”

Kakashi does not which alternative is worse. A world with or, without Sasuke. He pushed a thin hand through his hair, and he was not sure he wanted to find out. He and Sasuke had a love that most only saw once in their lifetime, if they were lucky. It is like fire, burning, consuming, and devouring.

He clasped their palms together tightly. Sasuke’s hand felt warm, it felt like life. There was no other way to live now, so he won’t. “Stay…”

“Kakashi, I can’t. They are coming.”

Kakashi watched as fingers engulfed Sasuke’s. “Who?” He murmured. “I don’t need anyone else.”

Sasuke could see through his deception, could see through the lie. “Wake up, Kakashi.”

“No.” He squeezed Sasuke’s hand., pressing it to his lips softly. “I can’t let you go this time.”

In his dreams they burn. They are burning up in flames. Their bodies are hard and pale, sinuously moving against one another. In Kakashi’s dreams they are alive.

His dreams will continue, and Sasuke will never leave him. His laugh sounds hollow to his own ears, Sasuke has kept his promise. He had never left him. “Why Sasuke? Why do you haunt me so?

He stood silently above Sasuke’s grave, imagining flames. Flames surround him and everything else melts away.

The walls are white and the room smells of antiseptic.

Tsunade has checked on him daily since his arrival, but there has been no change in his status. His body lay catatonic, and she is reminded constantly of Uchiha Itachi. When he last used the Mangenkyou Sharingan, his gaze was left open and lifeless. Trapped inside the memories of his tortured mind.

She pressed her fingers to the hollow of her nose, but this time she can not release him. Her eyes water, but before tears can fall they are blinked away.

When his fever breaks, he murmurs a different name. His sickness, never giving way into full relief. He is trapped inside a world his mind has created.


She held her breath.

“Sasuke, come back…” Kakashi cried brokenly.

In his world of dreams, it does not seem necessary for him to remain, but he stays. Life is empty without Sasuke’s ghost, and so is he.

Sakura stood beside Kakashi’s bedside in the hospital, crying. “Why doesn’t he wake up?” She whispers.

Naruto ran a soothing hand along her back. “I don’t know.”
Tags: fic, found wanting, kakasasu, naruto
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