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Ren's Ultimate Ongoing Kakashi/Sasuke Rec List

 What The Rec List Includes:
1. Memorable Kakashi/Sasuke Fiction
2. Well-written Kakashi/Sasuke Fiction.
3. Excerpts and Opinions on said Kakashi/Sasuke Fiction.

What I Would Like To Make Clear:
1. I own nothing.
2. The stories reccomended on this page belong to the authors.
3. Kishimoto Masashi owns our very souls.

And A Note From Myself:
I hope you enjoy the rec list as much as I have and thank the wonderful authors for writing them. Kakashi/Sasuke is one of my favorite pairings. Who very much needed their own detailed and focused list of greatness.

Title: Accidental Consequences
Author: Kitana kirschvanille
Excerpt: Kakashi was pretty sure that by now Sasuke should be frustrated. It was almost nightfall of the fourth day they'd been training on this godforsaken mountain, and Sasuke had barely made an inch of progress towards mastering Chidori.

Why You Should Read: In my opinion there is not enough Kakashi/Sasuke smut in the world, and Kitana nails it in this fic. Especially if you love shota. This story takes place during the chuunin exams while Sasuke and Kakashi train to fight Gaara.

Title: A Place To Stand
Author: darkeyedwolf
Excerpt: He could yell. He could lecture. He could even punch him, because it's nothing less than he deserves. But when Kakashi peers through his window and see a rain-drenched Sasuke sagging on his doorstep, all he does is bring him inside, wrap him in a blanket and slowly feed him soup.

Why You Should Read: This story really moved me with its subtly, mainly in how she described Sasuke slowly moving himself into Kakashi's life after he leaves Sound and the relationship that ensues.

Title: Acquired Taste
Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Excerpt: Kakashi's body moved quickly and lithely and dodged the first three shuriken. His legs pressed into the ground, knees bent before pushing himself forward. He dodged the three that proceeded. One simple twist, he dodged another one. One tilt of his head and the last one struck the tree so close to his ear that it almost knicked his flesh.

Why You Should Read: Because the ending line is one of the best I have ever read. Sasuke is disturbing and Kakashi is thinking horrible thoughts he should not act upon. I would read it just because she describes this in one of the most overtly sexual ways possible and it is wonderful. 

Title: After Hours
Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Sasuke stared blankly at his half-empty (some might say half-full) glass of whatever Naruto had ordered for him. It was his first and, after surveying the ridiculous amount of drunken rowdiness taking place around him, his only glass. He didn’t understand why everyone wanted to get drunk in the first place, but this seemed to be the thing to do after another long week of missions.

Why You Should Read: A Drunk Neji, a handjob, and bar. It is quite funny, with a large hint of smut, and an established Kakashi/Sasuke relationship.

Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Excerpt: Kakashi imagined when he would turn thirty, he’d be living in a bigger home with some sort of a domestic partner (male or female), possibly expecting children, and on the cusp of early retirement. Very early retirement. Not that he didn’t enjoy being a ninja, but it was getting more and more common that the phrase "I’m too old for this shit" would run through his head.

Why You Should Read: If I would have to pick one of my favorite fluffy, funny Kakashi/Sasuke stories this would be it. It is a wonderful story told in Kakashi's POV about he feels turning thirty and what he expected to get out of his life.

Title: Blue
Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Excerpt: For a long time, all he could register was heat. Heat seared through his lungs, suffocating him, making it difficult to breathe, sleep, move. Heat spread acrpss his stomach, raced along his skin. Heat danced on the tips of his fingers, danced on the tips of his toes, swirled aroundhis mouth like a prowling lion.

Why You Should Read: This story places me into a state of incoherency. Really, it is that good.

Title: Ripe
Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Excerpt: The repaired Team 7, still traveling together despite the fact that Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke were all chuunin already, had been given a new mission to the Wave Country and had been asked to meet at their usual spot on the bridge bright and early in the morning.

Why You Should Read: This technically is Neji/Sasuke, but it does contain some Kakashi/Sasuke undertones. It is in Kakashi's POV and how he feels about Sasuke. All I can say without giving away the plot is smut ensues.

Title: Underneath the Undeneath
Author: Enkidu evilchiapet
Excerpt: Naruto wasn’t about to give up on Sasuke. He had the most perfect idea for a prank. It had been running through his head for days now, just begging to be executed. The only problem was… he needed Sasuke.

Why You Should Read: Cute fic, reminds me of that episode where Team Seven tries to get to see under Kakashi's mask and never quite makes it. I will say that this was much better than that episode.

Title: Blood On His Hands
Author: Suteneko-chan suteneko__chan
Excerpt: There are times when Sasuke feels like he has blood on his hands and it will never come off.

Why You Should Read: A small one-shot, which is a lovely different perspective on how Sasuke might feel. I just love the Kakashi/Sasuke interaction in this.

Title: Broken
Author: sirra_scribbles
It's not well lit in the underground stone halls. Hatake Kakashi watches for chakra pulses and shapes of figures, Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura following cautiously behind him. They approach the end of a hall, dimly lit and growing brighter near an open doorway. Kak ashi enters first, holding a hand up to tell the other two to wait.

Why You Should Read: Interesting, Well-written, and we get a lovely plot. Most of the ideas in the story just blew me away. I love the Kakashi and Sasuke interaction for this one, especially with Sasuke being brought back to Konoha and how he copes.

Title: Poison
Author: des_butterfly
The arm where he had been bitten was already beginning to swell, and Sasuke twitched uncomfortably at the tourniquet--which had been wrapped above the small puncture wounds--until a look from Kakashi made him still.

Why You Should Read: It is is very, very, very hot. Who knew such a little snake bite could have caused so much UST?

Title: Something Borrowed
Author: [info]des_butterfly
Kakashi can love Sasuke, but only through shields.

Why You Should Read: I think this is one of the best canon views of Sasuke and Kakashi's relationship out there. It describes perfectly how each one of them is broken and how Kakashi breaks all his rules for Sasuke.

Title: Blood Thicker Than Water
Author: [info]des_butterfly
Sasuke grits his teeth and decides to let the slam of the bathroom door express what he is feeling at that particular moment. He hears something that sounded suspiciously like a snicker, and the thud of Kakashi leaning against the wall to wait for Sasuke to finish his ablutions.

Why You Should Read: Hmm... This story is Sasuke's struggle with coming to terms with being a prisoner of Konoha and Kakashi just being Kakashi. A good characterization piece in my opinion.

Title: Conflicts
Author: thetis_argent
It's almost impossible to keep a secret in Konoha. However, some things are less widespread. The various aspects of holding a contract with an animal spirit; specifically the traits acquired by the users.

Why You Should Read: A very cute fic about summons and how they affect Kakashi and Sasuke.

Title: Laundry
Author: gelfling8604
It was probably unfair to keep him tied up like that, but when dealing with Sasuke it was best to be direct and not particularly trusting. It would take the boy a while to wiggle out of his bonds—not too long, but a good part of the day, and Kakashi was trying to train himself to be home at a somewhat decent time of day now that he had to be.

Why You Should Read: Her Summary: Pretend Sasuke never made it to Orochimaru's, and was instead caught and put in Kakashi's overly-sensible and not very sympathetic charge. Kakashi hadn’t been thrilled, but there was very, very little that thrilled Kakashi. This fic would go in my top three list, if I listed them by enjoyment.

Title: Ditching Tradition
Author: snarkylightning
Sasuke glanced down at his wristwatch and back up at the door to Hatake Kakashi's office. It was closed and the lights were off.

Why You Should Read: It is an AU fic, which I really appreciated because it kept both Kakashi and Sasuke in characterization.

Title: Shifting
Author: two_if_by_sea
What it boils down to is that Sasuke and Kakashi are both lonely bastards who really don't have anything much in common with each other than that whole misery attracts company thing that Kakashi hadn't believed in until now.

Why You Should Read: Another great fic about Kakashi and Sasuke being broken and not completely sane, but that works for them both.

Title: Stray and Stray 2
Author: reimars
Kakashi laid his hand against the back of Sasuke's neck, rubbing a thumb over the smooth skin behind his ear. "There's a lot of things that aren't right in this world," he replied. "You learn to live with it."

Why You Should Read: AU fic where Kakashi is a contract killer and they both are still raw and broken and learning each others boundaries. The sequel is just as good as the first believe me.

Title: Stone
Author: Empyreal empyrealrain
And Sasuke felt cold, and his stomach was clenching oh-so-painfully and he shouldn’t be responding this way. It shouldn’t bother him so much, because ninjas aren’t supposed to feel.

Why You Should Read: For the imagery alone you should read this story. Sasuke pushes himself harder for the sake of his goals. Heart wrenching and lovely.

Title: The In-Between
Author: kissing_off
Excerpt: He draws in; resting his forehead in Kakashi’s chest and Kakashi draws an arm around him, stroking his hair, keeping him close. They stay like that. Just like that. Kakashi can’t help but feel it’s all right -- not completely right, but not wrong either. Just a moment somewhere in the in-between.

Why You Should Read: The emotions in this story reall shine through, and her characterization of Kakashi in my opinion is spot on. Oh, and there is smut.

Title: Untitled
Author: kiminokaeru
Excerpt: Kakashi’s breath is warm on Sasuke’s neck. The boy can hear the man’s ragged breathing, each shaking breath. Sasuke thinks he feels how a tree might feel, with it’s leaves being blown side to side in the wind. Kakashi shifts his weight, moving his jaw to kiss the boy’s throat.

Why You Should Read: There is smut and there is shota. There are raw emotions tearing Sasuke apart and then there is Kakashi not truly understanding and in his own way trying to help.

Title: An Inch Away From
Author: keraha
Sasuke fucks like it hurts. He is bitterly quiet when Kakashi presses a finger into him, and only lets out a gasp if his teeth are not clenched. Kakashi knows what it is like to be wound so tight that it seems that he can never let go.

Why You Should Read: Not work safe in any way shape or form, but it in my opinion the epitome of Kakashi/Sasuke sex. It is real. It is raw. It is so vividly desperate. I would read this fic just for the imagery the sex is an afterthought.

Title: Six Days
Author: des_butterfly
He brings his arm up to his mouth and bites down hard enough to break the skin, sucking the blood up in stinging laps of his tongue before looking at the mark with satisfaction. "That’s one."

Why You Should Read: This is gritty, and vivid. And Des does herself an amazing justice in writing this fic. I don't think any description I could give would make you need to read this fic more.

Title: One Hundred Familiar Ways
Author: a_white_rain
Excerpt: His clothes were ripped. He was covered in semen, scrapes and bruises. Blood was everywhere. He wished it were raining so he could cry and pretend it was the rain. Somehow he had ended up at his Sensei’s door and he was knocking on it before he could stop himself.

Why You Should Read: Well, technically this one is not Kakash/Sasuke but it could be hinted at or implied if you squint. The story itself is pretty vivid definitely not work for the faint of heart. It is a brilliant story with Kakashi being the voice of reason and Sasuke not quite playing the victim.

Title: Check
Author: a_white_rain
Excerpt: "I never said that I was playing with you," Kakashi chided. "I just asked if you needed me to teach you the rules."

Why You Should Read: The UST is palpable in this story, and a_white_rainuses Kakashi to the fullest to inflict punishment upon Sasuke. Did I mention this story completely revolves around chess? It is worth the read.

Title: Stray
Author: luc_y7
He had a few other groups of strays around the city to feed today, but he still could wait here for a while, he supposed. Sasuke laughed slightly to himself as he realized that what he was doing right now was probably a far cry from how people expected he spent his weekends.

Why You Should Read: In my opinion this personally is one of her best Kakashi/Sasuke fics. It has smut. It has Kakashi and Sasuke in a creating a relationship from their similarities and differences. Though, it falls in the not quite fluff but not quite angst either category.

Title: And After
Author: luc_y7
Excerpt: “You'll be alright, Sasuke,” and Kakashi's eye glances down, down, down, to where one of Sasuke's hands, small and pale, has landed on his forearm, stroking up and down the cloth covered skin slowly.

Why You Should Read: Personally, this is one of my favorite Kakashi/Sasuke fictions out there (top ten). Though it does involve some Itachi/Sasuke so beware if that is not your thing, but I think even if it isn't you should take the time to read this. Sasuke is a needy trainreck waiting to happen (thank you Itachi) but what is Kakashi to do?

Title: Out On The Town
Author: Ren Apple athyestean
Sasuke walked into the restaurant with a confused look upon his face. The place was rather crowded, but he spotted Kakashi easily.

Why You Should Read: Because it is mine! Alright well, it is alot lighter than the majority of the items on this list and since I am making this list I rather thought I could self pimp myself.


Work Hazard
Author: gokkayu
Excerpt: Hatake Kakashi considers himself a fairly reasonable man. He has his quirks, but he also has his own order to things. His morals may seem questionable but to him it's a code of honor that he's never once violated without a damn good reason.

Why You Should Read: This story is an AU ongoing fic. I love gokkayu so I might be just a tad bit biased, but I truly think this fic is worth at least taking a look at. Sasuke is just a regular student who is used as a bargaining chip for both sides of a war between his brother Itachi and his enemy Orochimaru. In the midst are Kakashi and Sasuke being used as pawns.

Title: Untitled
Author: luc_y7
 Six is hard, hurts, and that makes it even better, and he stammers out the word, stammers out seven when that comes soon after six. He has to concentrate hard not to lose count, has to concentrate so hard just to figure out what number comes next.

Why You Should Read: This is a hot fic that does not quite reach smut status but comes unbelievably close. It is very vivid and very descriptive and makes you yearn for the next chapter. Did I mention it had spanking?

Communities: copycock, kakasasu, sasuke_kakashi, naruto_teachme

Extra Note: These are all very good fics in my opinion but you may not share that opinion. I designed this list for the new Kakashi/Sasuke shipper in mind, but I might have gone a little overboard. If you have recommendations you think should make this list please leave a comment so I can read through it and add. Again, I hope you appreciate these authors as much as I do.

Extra Reading: If you are looking for more Kakashi/Sasuke fiction check out the journals of: a_white_rain, des_butterfly, evilchiapet, or luc_y7
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