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Hello all,

I haven't really been active in fandom for quiet awhile, but I have finally found an equilibrium. I am really excited about what I am writing right now, and I have found time in between studying, volunteering, and my job to write fanfiction. I am totally focused on finishing my story For Us, so don't expect too much work in other series or works I have in progress. Though, I really like another story I have in the works, and I can't wait to share it!


Ren Apple


For Us 1/?

Title: For Us
: Ren Apple
: NaruSasu
: Yaoi. Mature Themes. Weirdness.
NC-17 overall, PG-13 here
Word Length: 1116 words

Summary: Do you know me? Do you remember me? You will. I won't let you forget.

Author's Note: I am actively looking for a beta. I have completely remodeled what I have (as promised), but a second set of eyes would be invaluable. Thank you, omgcats  for all the help you have provided. If any reader can recommend someone or themselves please leave a review or email me.

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Another way the end could have gone...

Title: Take Me With You
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke
Prompt: 024. Family.
Word Count: 383 words
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sasuke believed he had failed in his search of revenge, but Itachi has other ideas.

Author’s Note: I totally disregard anything past chapter 346 in regard to the Uchihas.

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I am depressed.

Kishimoto is trying to destroy his own characters. (Why Itachi? Why? Let him rest in peace!) *

Rolo can not possibly be Nunally. (So conspiracy theory number 1 is out... Next!)

XXXHOLiC now has a sequel. (Now this is just depressing. It was horrid to begin with and now a sequel? Really?)

Why? Why? Why?

*Edit: Official Chapter 384+ Spoilers.
Your Stupid.

This Thought Is Even Random For Me...

If you keep up with Code Geass R2... Does anyone else see the resemblance between Rolo and Nunnally? Because it is really starting to nag on my conscious. I mean Nunnally has been utterly absent from this new season of Geass and would it not just be poetic irony for the Emperor to hide her, or should I say him right under Lelouch's melodramatic nose?

And come on wasn't the locket scene just a little suspicious!?
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Okay, I hate to love you FL.

Dear Friends List,

I love you, but I totally hate you right now. After two days of not being online all I see are mentions of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End entries that say "Oh my god it was so awesome!" When it really lacked plot, dialogue, and decent timing. I was overall completely dissapointed with the film. Come on, the whole thing was like a bad summer blockbuster totally inept of the witty dialogue the first and second had in abundance. They thought by making two hours and forty-five minutes of action they might actually keep the audience from noticing the seemingly large plot holes but hello! They are still there!

Though, of the Spider Man 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 the one most likely to not dissapoint is Shrek.